What is Trade Republic about?

Trade Republic let you track efficiently your investments in a wide variety of stocks and cryptocurrencies. You'll see the exact gains or loss associated to each individual investment. You can also use Trade Republic to track investments in foreign currencies (FX).

Why should I use Trade Republic instead of Excel?

Trade Republic let you track your investments accurately with minimal effort. Using it is easier than tracking your transactions with a spreadsheet and trying to figure out how your investments performed. For stocks, Trade Republic automatically tracks dividends and stock splits which are difficult and time consuming to record manually.

Which stocks can I track?

Listed stocks from major markets around the globe can be tracked. Typically, if you can find a stock on Yahoo Finance or Google Finance, then it should be possible to track it. We are using Alpha Vantage API to retrieve stocks prices.

Which cryptocurrencies can I track?

At the moment, over 2000 cryptocurrencies or ICO can be tracked. We are using CryptoCompare API to retrieve cryptocurrencies and ICO prices.

Are prices refreshed in real-time?

The prices are typically refreshed every 10 minutes or so. So the prices that you see should be reasonably fresh. However you should definitely NOT rely on these prices for trading decisions.

How can I add my existing trades to Trade Republic?

If you only have a small number of transactions, you can book each transaction manually from the web interface within a few seconds. If you have a large number of transactions, you can streamline the process by preparing a CSV file to import.

Will my data stay private?

We understand your concern about privacy. We will NEVER share your data with any third party for commercial purpose. We are the product, you are not.

What is your business model?

At the moment, we are trying to gain popularity and the website usage is totally free. Donations are welcome to support the website.

My question is not in this FAQ, what should I do?

Have a look at the documentation. If you can't find what you are looking for, drop us an email.